Chartered in 1892 as a 10-bed dispensary, Chester County Hospital has been serving its community for 125 years. Local citizens and the Chester County Medical Society came together to proclaim, "It is the duty of Chester County to care for her own." From those early days, our vision and values continue to push us towards being the leading provider of care in the region and a national model for quality, service excellence and fiscal stewardship.

Today our work still honors the spirit of our early founders, while also looking to the future of care for our community. As our 125th Anniversary year, we are celebrating the people who have made us what we are today. While some stories were known to us, we are reaching out to the community to find the many others which need to be told. 

We are seeking nominations for any present or past doctors, nurses, patients, leaders, donors, volunteers, employees and community members who have left their mark on Chester County Hospital. Nominees must have past or present ties to the hospital. Fill out this form to make your nomination.