For the past 125 years, Chester County Hospital has been rooted in its mission: To be the leading provider of care in the region and a national model for quality, service excellence, and fiscal stewardship.

Throughout 2017, the hospital is celebrating and honoring its rich history, dating back to 1892 when “The West Chester Hospital” was chartered as a 10-bed dispensary. It was then that local citizens and the Chester County Hospital Medical Society came together to proclaim, “It is the duty of Chester County to care for her own.”

From those early days to now, our mission and that proclamation remain a common thread shared by our entire family: physicians, nurses, volunteers, auxilians, donors, board members, administrators and every employee who has worn a Chester County Hospital badge.

And it continues to guide us today.

“Chester County Hospital has always embraced a pursuit for quality. In fact, we live it every day. Year over year, we evaluate, measure and compare our efforts to our regional and national peers to gauge our effectiveness in delivering the highest quality of care in a manner that is safe and cost effective,” says Mike Duncan, President/CEO, Chester County Hospital.