At the conclusion of the Community Health Needs Assessment, the Committee identified five strategic questions that it wished to address as a community.
  1. How can the community expand the concept of cultural competence to ensure access and use of services, including early prenatal care and health screenings?
  2. How can the community partner to provide a seamless, highly coordinated network of services that address an individual's physical and behavioral health issues?
  3. How can the community increase awareness of and education about health and social services to help them meet their basic needs?
  4. How can the community encourage and support individuals to take action in their own health management and well-being, including prevention?
  5. How can community leaders help create supportive environments to ensure the health and safety of their communities?


TCCHHS reviewed the CHNA and the strategic questions and prioritized the many findings based on the following criteria:

Size of the Population Affected
How can we best deploy our resources to improve the lives of many people?

Ability to Improve the Numbers
Where are the opportunities to improve the community's health sooner rather than later?

Long-Term Impact
How can we best make a lasting impact to dramatically enhance health and lives over a long period of time?

Within our Control
To what extent is TCCHHS in a position to take action directly and to make immediate improvements?

Building on Success
How can we best leverage our current infrastructure, skills, resources and efficiencies to meet the community's need?

Existing Collaborative Groups
Are there groups already working in these areas that have the right team and structure to address the need?

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