The Mommy Wellness Network is a community group focused on keeping Chester County moms and moms-to-be healthy, hopeful and happy! Open to mothers from across Chester County, PA and the surrounding communities, we are proud to offer a variety of support groups, resources and events.

Support Groups


Join the Chester County Hospital Mother Baby Facebook Group! 

Sometimes the best advice you receive as a mom is from another mother. Motherhood is a journey that no woman should embark on alone. That’s why Chester County Hospital has created this Facebook group to bring women together to offer support to one another during pregnancy and the first days of motherhood. Multiple members of the Chester County Hospital’s Mother & Baby team are members of this group and will chime in when appropriate, or available, but the intention of this group is for the mothers from all over Chester County, PA to come together to a safe place to ask questions, solicit advice, share a story or provide support for each other. 

Note: This group is by no means a replacement for medical advice. If you believe that you or your baby are in danger or something is wrong, please call your physician, seek medical advice, visit our emergency department or call 9-1-1 in the case of an emergency.
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