Miracles and Memories Dinner - The Chester County Hospital Foundation

Monday, May 20, 2019
Time: 5:00 PM for Cocktails and Hors d'Ouevres; 6:30 PM for Dinner and Awards
Location: Chester Valley Golf Club 
Benefits: Health Services for Women and Children at Chester County Hospital

At Chester County Hospital, making lives better every day is our purpose supported by the extraordinary community that we serve. For anyone who has experienced the joy of childbirth or the heartbreak of a sick child, having access to the highest level of medical care close to home isn't a luxury - it's one of the things that make our community excellent.

Medical Expertise: In an emergency, time counts. Our affiliation with the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) insures that families who have a sick child do not also have to commute to care for them. Having the medical expertise of CHOP trained doctors allows us to deliver the most advanced medical support close to home.

Leading Edge Facilities and Equipment: Our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, offering the most advanced medical care and equipment for babies in Chester County, PA, treats new families facing a medical crisis. With your support and our medical expertise, miracles are delivered every day.

A Healthy Start for All: Chester County Hospital's Ob/Gyn Clinic -- Chester County, PA's only hospital-based resource for uninsured and under-insured mothers --helps to provide babies and their families, a healthy start in life. For more than 30 years, the Clinic team has answered the prayers of mothers unable to provide critical medical care for their child by providing advance medical care regardless of circumstance.

A Dedicated Team: Join us for dinner and awards that follow our FORE Health Invitational at Chester Valley Golf Club in Malvern, PA. Enjoy great food and spirits and celebrate our nurses who have made caring for children their calling. Your support can change lives and turn the hardest time for a family into Miracles & Memories.

Awards for Miracle and Memory Makers

The Charles Henry Benton Award
Awarded to a NICU Nurse
All hospital patients deserve the most professional, compassionate care. This is especially true for Chester County Hospital's tiniest, most vulnerable patients. The staff of NICU deliver the highest level of neonatal medical services, coupling their services with respect and caring for these precious babies and their concerned families - often under the most harrowing of circumstances. These professionals are true miracle workers, and without their expertise and compassion, we could not celebrate the memories that so many of us are fortunate to have. So as we celebrate Miracles & Memories this evening, let us also celebrate the achievements of the NICU staff. As such, we are proud to celebrate a member of the NICU staff who exemplifies this high level of commitment to service and compassion.

The Mary Mears Award
Awarded to a Labor & Delivery Nurse
Childbirth is a special, unforgettable experience in a family's life. The Labor & Delivery nurses at Chester County Hospital make an indelible impression every day helping women with the miracle of birthing their babies. Whether it proves to be a joyous occasion or challenging time, the nurses at Chester County Hospital truly exemplify compassion, empathy and nursing excellence. They embody the high standards synonymous with Chester County Hospital. It is our honor to recognize a special person from Labor & Delivery and award them with a scholarship. With continued education, it is our hope that the Labor & Delivery staff can continue to perform Miracles and create Memories every day.

The Willistown Auxiliary Award
Awarded to a Maternity/Nursery Nurse
After the miracle of childbirth, mother and baby need to rest and recover. They are at the start of a lifetime full of challenges and joys. The skilled team in Maternity/Nursery works every day to provide a nurturing environment for moms and babies and is focused on making certain that each is healthy, rested and ready for home. We are proud to recognize a nurse for exemplary service in Maternity/Nursery.

The O'Hair Family Award
Awarded to a Pediatric Nurse
When a child is sick, the whole family feels it. The clinical team in Pediatrics practices the highest level of medical care so that children and their families can feel better. For those children who do have to come to the Hospital, the O'Hair family has made it a more fun place to be. Through personal donations to Chester County Hospital and Little Smiles, the O'Hairs have made the Pediatrics Floor an environment that is visually stimulating for children and filled with the toys and movies that that children love. Like the O'Hairs, we will recognize a nurse who strives to make every child feel at home until they get to go home.

Learn more by calling 610.431.5054 or by email at Kate.Pergolini@pennmedicine.upenn.edu.