Thank you for your generous support of SHiNE and patients living with cancer in Chester County. We promise to use your donation efficiently and effectively in the coming year and we are proud to say that 98% of all donations we receive directly touch patients battling cancer. The only expense we incur is for printed materials to promote charitable support - we have no administrative overhead.

With direction from the medical staff of The Cancer Program, SHiNE offers services to patients, free of charge, which will improve their treatment. Each newly diagnosed patient receives a Patient Padfolio to keep appointments and important treatment information organized. The Padfolio gives patients a feeling of control and increases the effectiveness of treatment by reducing missed appointments. SHiNE also funds a Cancer Care Coordinator to assist patients in navigating their treatment process, scheduling appointments and second opinions and providing support throughout treatment. Patients can receive transportation assistance to or from appointments, medication, therapeutic massage, acupuncture, physical therapy, help with utility bills and a wide range of support groups throughout the continuum of care.

We strive to offer our patients every edge in battling cancer and help them maintain dignity and hope. It is only because of your generous support that we can continue to provide assistance to our neighbors during a very difficult time in life. Thank you! 

$4,500/month; $1,125/week
When you receive a cancer diagnosis you need a friend to tell you that you're going to get through this. It would also be great if that friend knew how to make appointments, file for financial aid and could tell you what to expect. Your donations to SHiNE pay for a Cancer Care Coordinator who does all of this for patients and more.

$500 for physical fitness
Feeling strong and confident are important parts of feeling well again after treatment. Your donations to SHiNE will provide a 2-month membership and training sessions at a participating fitness center to help patients regain strength and move forward with a health lifestyle.

$350 to help self confidence
Sometimes when patients get treatment, they temporarily lose their hair. Help us provide a wig for a patient who can't afford the cost. Your donations to SHiNE will pay for the wig and the associated fitting, cut and trim.

$285 for support
Sometimes, nothing is more comforting to a patient with cancer than being with other patients who have gone through the same experience. Your donations to SHiNE pay to facilitate support groups for patients throughout the continuum of care.

$200 a session
Cancer treatment can be traumatic to the body. Many patients need physical therapy but can't afford it. Your donations to SHiNE cover physical therapy co-pays so that patients begin to feel better and more like themselves.

$125 per roundtrip
One of the keys to successful cancer treatment is timing. Some patients cannot drive themselves and have no one to drive them. Your donations to SHiNE will cover the cost of a taxi ride so they get to their appointments on time and get better.

$100 per person
Some patients literally cannot stomach treatment and some insurance plans will not pay for anti-nausea prescriptions because they treat a symptom of cancer and not the cancer itself. Your donation to SHiNE helps pay for anti-nausea prescriptions so that patients can feel better and continue with treatment.

$50 per massage
It's hard to do when you have cancer. Massage has been clinically proven to reduce pain and anxiety, help with sleep and speed recovery. Your donation to SHiNE will provide a complementary massage for patients living with cancer.

$30 per book
A cancer diagnosis is the beginning of a whole new life. On top of work and family obligations, you now have doctor appointments, treatments, tests, notes, instructions, test can be hard to keep it together. Thanks to your donations to SHiNE, each patient receives a Patient Padfolio organizer - appointments, notes and test results all get put in one, easy to use system and patients get organized and get better!

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