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Linda DeNardo Began Giving to Chester County Hospital in 1989. Today, 25 Years Later and a Retiree, She is Still Giving, Maximizing Her Donations through a Generous Matching-Fund Program Offered by Her Former Employer.

Donor Stories - Denardo

Published: The Chester County Hospital Foundation Donor Report FY2014

Linda DeNardo fervently believes quality local health care is important. Years ago, as an employee of Chester County Hospital in West Chester, PA, she saw how the Hospital functioned from the inside out. She was first hired as a part-time laboratory technologist and then, as a full-time laboratorian, became supervisor of the Hospital's blood bank. "I saw that the Chester County Hospital lab held itself to the highest standards. I was very proud to work there."

So Linda became an annual donor to Chester County Hospital, starting with a $26 gift in 1989. She has continued giving for 25 years. "I probably made my first donation as part of the United Way employee giving program," she recalls.

"I loved my job at Chester County Hospital and had no intention of leaving, but my life circumstances changed and I went to work for Wyeth Pharmaceuticals [now Pfizer] in 1995," Linda says. "One company benefit Wyeth offered was to match any full-time employee's donation, dollar for dollar. When I heard that I thought: 'Wow, I can double my donation to Chester County Hospital.'" The company matches any gift at 50% for their retirees; Linda takes full advantage of this company benefit to increase support for the Hospital.

Now in retirement, Linda is continuing her association with the Chester County Hospital laboratory in a kind of six degrees of separation. "For 6 years I have volunteered 2 days a week at Community Volunteers in Medicine (known as CVIM) in West Chester, PA" she explains. "Chester County Hospital does lab work for CVIM free of charge for our clients who are uninsured."

Linda's personal experience with medical care at the Hospital has reinforced her quarter century of giving commitment. And as Linda puts it: "I have been a patient there so many times. The new way of triaging in the emergency room is fabulous," she raves.

Her granddaughter was born there in March. "My daughter-in-law received top notch care when she had the baby," Linda says. "She was happy she had chosen Chester County Hospital."

Noting all these interactions, Linda says she is sure that "as long as my retirement income will support it, I plan to keep giving at a similar level."

By Gail Guterl

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