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The Brennans - Donor Stories - The Chester County Hospital Foundation

Patricia "Patti" Brennan and her husband Edward "Ed" have lived in the community for 28 years. During this time they have created a dynamic family of six and built two successful local businesses. It takes only five minutes with the Brennan family to see that they are intensely energetic, loving, and joyful. Patti and Ed have supported the hospital since 2011 with their time and treasure, through generous annual and campaign contributions and Patti's roles on the Board of Directors for The Chester County Hospital and Health System and the Turk's Head Health Services, Inc. She refers to her role on the hospital board as "one of the most transformative experiences".

Taking untraditional routes to their current businesses, the Brennans have been exposed to a rich blend of learning opportunities. Patti has a medical and financial background. She served as an Intensive Care Nurse early in her career and then transitioned to financial planning. Patti ultimately founded Key Financial, Inc., where she currently serves as President and CEO. Ed was a high school teacher and football coach before starting Brennan’s Office Interiors.

Throughout their journey they have taken great pride in giving back to the community in which they live. Their contributions evolved over time, starting with sweat equity and intellectual capital, and ultimately including financial contributions as well. These experiences, Patti reflects, "have allowed us to be truly grateful for what we have and the community we live in. As our businesses evolved, we realized that in addition to time and effort, financial contributions to our community were important too. I didn’t realize how important that was until I got involved with Chester County Hospital. Insurance companies and the government are cutting back everywhere, and the hospital facility we have today is due to the generosity of the people in Chester County. Now more than ever, our dollars count."

Patti’s term on the hospital board took place during a unique time in the hospital’s recent history. She served under the leadership of both Perry Pepper and Mike Duncan and witnessed the “nearly seamless transition of presidential roles”. Patti also sat on the board committee that evaluated the merger with Penn Medicine. Her board interactions provided insight into the unique culture of Chester County Hospital which she attributes to the approachability of senior management and the synergy they have with physicians and caregivers, "I am not sure how much the community realizes how unique the hospital’s culture is. It’s a true partnership focused on never being satisfied."

The Brennans are grateful for the services the hospital provides for their community and their family. "Chester County Hospital has a special place in our hearts. Two of our children were born at the hospital and we have made many trips to the Emergency Department—inevitable when raising four active kids!" Recently, their youngest son had a skateboarding accident which could have been a life altering injury with permanent ramifications. "Within minutes of arrival at the hospital," Patti reflected, "this well-oiled machine pulled together with all hands on deck. The care team assessed his condition and delivered care with FedEx efficiency. Yet, they made us feel like we were being taken care of by our next door neighbor. That’s the hidden ingredient that makes this hospital so special…many of the people who work in the hospital are other parents we would see at high school games, at church or walking the dog. They really were taking care of the boy next door."

Grateful for the care received, the Brennans and their son returned to the hospital to articulate their appreciation. The visit reconfirmed Patti’s observations about the hospital and its infinite quest to continually innovate and improve care processes and the patient experience. "Four months after the accident, we brought our son back to the hospital to thank Mike Duncan (President and CEO) and the team who responded so quickly to help us. Mike looked my son in the eyes and told him that his care experience had exposed a process that could be improved. The hospital has since innovated and changed a protocol to save the next patient precious minutes in receiving their care, and potentially saving someone’s life. Mike made my son feel like he was included in this partnership—and from that moment, an instant bond was formed."

We are grateful to the Brennan family for their active involvement at Chester County Hospital and in the community they serve. Their contributions of time and treasure, along with their vocal advocacy for the hospital, are sincerely appreciated.

"It is clear that for employees and the professionals at Chester County Hospital patient care isn't just a job; it's their purpose. It's an example of what John Ruskin articulates in his quote: 'When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece'." - Patti Brennan

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