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Most football fans would agree that this season has easily become one of the most exciting and action-packed -- full of major upsets and legendary plays that almost guarantee football fans everywhere a phenomenal game at Super Bowl XLV. But while you and your buddies are huddled around the flat screen bursting with excitement, make sure that your waist line isn't doing the same from all the yummy food. Here are some tips from Chester County Hospital, to keep you in bounds with your New Year's Resolution during the game this year:

1st Down: Eat well during the day

Skipping meals during the day to save up for a party is a definite penalty. Not eating during day leads to overeating at night. Unless you want to consume your weight in pizza and wings, make sure to eat throughout the day. Eating meals before hand keeps your hunger in check and allows you to graze, not gorge, when faced with a plateful of wings.

2nd Down: Eat a healthy meal before you go to the party

Eating a healthy meal (low fat, high fiber), such as a baked potato with vegetarian chili and a salad, before going to a party is insurance that you won't end up eating too much of the wrong things. If you know you have eaten healthy throughout the day, you will be less likely to throw in the towel that night. Also, moderation is always important when faced with our favorite greasy and fried finger foods. But while you don't want to completely bench your diet during the game, it is still ok to indulge every once in a while. If you're hungry, eat! Just be sure that you're making the best choices for what your weight loss goals are. This way you will be sure to walk away from the game and the table feeling like a winner.

3rd Down: Limit or avoid alcohol

Consuming alcohol while trying to watch your weight is like having a flag thrown on an 80 yard touchdown -- fun at first but depressing after the fact. It is high in calories AND it affects your judgment on choosing foods that are lower in calories. Although it is almost impossible to avoid alcohol during the big game, try to make smarter choices on the type of alcohol you consume.

  • Sparkling Water (8 oz.) - 0 Calories
  • Soda (12 oz.) - 157 Calories
  • Wine (4 oz.) - 80 Calories
  • Beer (12 oz.) - 146 Calories
  • Light Beer (12 oz.) - 100 Calories
  • Nonalcoholic Beer (12 oz.) - 32 Calories

To the Goal:

If you do find that your diet is being sacked by the spread, don't blow the whistle just yet. One day of pizza does not mean definite weight loss failure. When you catch yourself making less than desirable decisions, take a deep breath, grab a celery stick, and move on; reaching your weight loss goal does not happen overnight, and neither does falling off the wagon. If we have learned one thing from our beloved Eagles, it is that once you take your head out of the game, it is hard to get back in it. So, guarantee a weight-loss win this Super Bowl: follow these rules and remember to keep yourself focused on why you're really in the game.

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