Published: Synapse 2013, Vol. 1

Extending from Avondale to Oxford, southern Chester County has experienced significant growth during the past decade. The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission projects that the area population will expand 27% between 2010 and 2030. This will create a significant need for additional physicians, including primary care and specialists.

The Chester County Hospital and Health System's satellite locations in Fern Hill, Exton, Kennett Square, and recently, West Grove/Jennersville provide residents of these communities easy access to medical specialists and diagnostic services right where they live. And in 2014, The Chester County Hospital and Health System will be a primary tenant in a new 72,000-square-foot medical office building in Jennersville. Conveniently situated at Routes 1 and 796 in southern Chester County, this building is a project of Anchor Health Properties of Wilmington and is designed to provide a comfortable, innovative and integrated health care destination for residents along the Route 1 corridor.

"In the outpatient arena," says Anchor Health Properties CEO Paula Crowley, "it is imperative that consumers be able to access health care with a lot of ease. I don't think there is a better location for access, visibility and familiarity than the one chosen for this building project."

Currently, half of all southern Chester County residents who require hospitalization leave the area to seek medical treatment. This building project serves as a natural extension of the many health care services The Chester County Hospital and Health System currently offers to this area.

David Rooney, MD, of Southern Chester County Family Practice Associates, says, "The Health System has been committed to its neighbors in southern Chester County for many years. There are numerous practices and specialties already established in this area. This new building will allow us to come together under one roof, so that we can serve all our patients more efficiently and conveniently. It will make it easier for them to manage their health."

In addition to being a trusted provider of health care, The Chester County Hospital and Health System is also committed to being a good neighbor.

"What we try to do with all our buildings is create a patient-focused design that provides 'one-stop shopping' for health care. We strive to create a calming and reassuring environment within a building design that is easy to maneuver," says Crowley.

JennersvilleInside the building, guests will be greeted by a concierge who can assist them with questions and help them navigate the building. The lobby will have a seating area and a cafe for refreshments and light meals for purchase. Well-located community rooms will become a central location for wellness programs, physician outreach events and health fairs. This space will also be available to community groups to use as a gathering place for independent events.

Outside, the large property will complement the natural landscape and beauty of southern Chester County. It will include high-quality, natural materials with warm color tones and a lot of natural light, much like the fields, farms and forests that are so indicative of the area.

Anchor doesn't build cookie-cutter buildings, but rather it seeks inspiration from the location itself.

The concepts for the plant materials and stone work have been inspired by the historic national landmarks that characterize the area. The property will maintain much of its greenery and wooded features, and a wellness path will be added to allow members of the community to enjoy the land as they achieve their own fitness milestones.

"We understand the culture of The Chester County Hospital and Health System," says Crowley, "And that personality will be reflected in the character of this project."

So, much like the main Hospital facility in West Chester, the new Medical Office Building will strike the balance between providing patients a high-tech environment within a warm and friendly work of architecture. The Hospital's 93,000-square-foot Tower Project, too, has been designed to complement the Italianate style that is unique to the Hospital, while providing state-of-the art medical care within those new walls.

A developing new partnership with the University of Pennsylvania Health System will blend the clinical excellence and innovations of both institutions for the benefit of everyone. Although there have been many changes through the years, one thing remains the same: The Chester County Hospital and Health System is grounded in the community from which it grew. And it always will be. The future has never held so much promise.

By Lisa M. Huffman and Lauren A. Speakman


Jenners Village Medical Campus

  • Primary care, Internal Medicine and Family Practice Physicians
  • Specialty Physician Offices
  • After-hours Family Practice Care and X-ray for urgent medical situations
  • Diagnostic services, such as Radiology* and Laboratory
  • Physical Therapy
  • Ambulatory surgery Center for outpatient procedures
  • Amenities, such as concierge, cafe, and community conference space

* The state-of-the-art Radiology suite will include MRI, CT, X-ray, Digital Mammography, DEXA, and Ultrasound -- with room to expand.

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