Published: Synapse 2014, Vol 1

With the partnership with Penn Medicine, you may ask, "Does the hospital still have need for philanthropic support?"

The short and correct answer is YES! Chester County Hospital is still a charitable organization that relies on the philanthropic support of the community it serves to help it fulfill its mission.

While our new affiliation with Penn Medicine is resulting in a capital infusion from our partner, and is helping us advance our growth plans, the ongoing and future capital needs of Chester County Hospital will continue. Therefore, we need to seek the support of our own community to help provide the additional funds necessary to fulfill Chester County Hospital's mission.

The Chester County Hospital Foundation continues to be an independent foundation with the exclusive purpose of raising money to support Chester County Hospital. The Trustees of the Foundation are local members of the community and are actively engaged in fundraising for the Foundation and ultimately for the hospital. All gifts received by the Foundation are used solely for the support of Chester County Hospital and are not redirected toward any other entity or purpose within Penn Medicine.

Chester County Hospital has a proud history of active involvement from the community in promoting and assuring the success of this great Hospital. We hope that we can continue to rely on your support and commitment in advancing this wonderful institution.

To learn how you can support the Foundation, call 610.431.5108 or visit the Foundation website.

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