Bone And Joint Health Quiz — Taking Better Care Of Your Body

Take a moment to notice your body at this very moment. Are you hunching over your computer? Sitting in an uncomfortable position on the couch? Holding your phone at a weird angle? 

No matter what position you are in, your bones are playing a big role in holding you up — and you don't want them to hold you back. That's why making year-round bone and joint health a priority is crucial.

Whether you already make conscious choices every day or you need a little bit of a push, it's always a good time to make smart decisions for your bone and joint health. Take our quiz to determine how bone-healthy your choices are, and then commit to making small changes that can have a big impact.


Do you have questions about how you can prioritize your bone and joint health? Meet with a primary care provider or call 610-344-3451 to speak to one of our orthopaedics experts.

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