Released: February 20, 2013

Gwen KellyWest Chester, PA - If Gwen Kelly was a stereotypical 12-year-old girl, she would be focused on the latest clothing trends, consumed by texting with her friends, and engrossed with the cutest stereotypical 12-year-old boy. But Gwen - a sixth grader at St. Elizabeth Parish School - isn't a typical tween.

Gwen just celebrated her 12th birthday in January. As her birthday celebration plans started to form, she told her parents - Cheryl and Brian - that instead of a party full of presents for herself, she wanted to do something special to help other kids. Inspired to help children who are ill, Gwen thought it would be nice to have her party guests - 14 friends, plus her two sisters - bring gifts for children in the Hospital who might be away from their homes.

"I just wanted to cheer them up," she explains. "I thought it would be a nice thing to do."

At the party, Gwen and her guests wrapped and decorated dozens of toys, puzzles, arts and crafts, games, and stuffed animals. There were toys for boys and girls of all ages and interests.

On Friday, February 15, with the assistance of her mother, father and two sisters each carrying multiple bags and boxes, Gwen delivered her birthday gifts to the grateful nurses on The Chester County Hospital's Pediatric Unit. The Pediatric staff will give the presents to children throughout the year to help them feel a little more at home while they are away from home.

The Hospital extends its gratitude to Gwen, her family and her friends for giving so generously to children who truly need a little extra cheer.

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