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Due to Tropical Storm Isaias, some offices at our New Garden location are closed or opening late. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS! {Updated: 4:15 PM; 8/5/2020}


Closed Captioning is available for the hearing impaired. Please inquire with your nurse. Should you have trouble with your television, dial "0" for the Hospital Operator.


Local calls can be made by dialing "9", the local area code, and the phone number. All other calls can be placed by dialing "8", wait for the dial tone, dial "0", the long distance area code and the number you want to reach. A phone company operator will answer and charge the fee for your call to:
  • Your home telephone number (with authorization from someone at the number)
  • The number you are calling
  • Your phone or credit card

If you have trouble, dial "0" for assistance from the Hospital Operator.

Hearing devices
Telecommunication devices for the deaf and the hearing impaired are available for the phone in your room.

Braille Phone
For patients who read Braille, the hospital has a phone with a full Braille dialpad available. Your nurse can make this request for you.

Cell phones
Cell phones may only be used in non-patient care areas.

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