The diagnosis of heart disease is one that comes with much anxiety and concern. You may have questions that need answers, tests to schedule, and uncertainty about the medical system. You may also have fears about what the future holds for you.

The Cardiovascular Nurse Navigator at Chester County Hospital is available to support and guide you through your care.

Focused on your individual comfort and needs, our experienced professional healthcare expert provides care when you need it most. The Nurse Navigator is specialized in cardiovascular care to ensure prompt treatment for you at the onset of suspected heart disease.

About the Nurse Navigator

Serving as a link between you, your physicians and the services that you will need, our Cardiovascular Nurse Navigator ensures that the appropriate education, support and resources are provided.

This includes:

  • Understanding your needs and supplying the necessary education, information and resource materials.
  • Maintaining contact with you to answer any ongoing questions to ease stress and provide support.
  • Helping to coordinate and schedule tests and services to ensure prompt treatment.
  • Communicating with physicians, support services personnel, and your family to make certain you receive the necessary services and support.

Referrals for Support Services include:

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Educational programs, Smoking Cessation, Health Fairs
  • Financial Counselors
  • Cardiac Support Groups


Cardiovascular Nurse Navigator
Phone: 610.220.0432 (Mon-Fri)
Fax: 610.738.2698

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