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Chester County Hospital Maternit Philosophy

Our vision for maternity services at Chester County Hospital focuses on a belief that each patient, and those who support her, is unique and requires individual attention, coaching, and guidance to achieve a positive childbirth experience. Our entire staff provides a consistently fulfilling and safe maternity experience for everyone - our mothers-to-be, their newborns, their significant other, as well as their families and friends.

We recognize that pregnancy and childbirth, while requiring quick and highly specialized responses to complications, are normal and positive life events, and that the delivery of maternity care must be provided with an appropriate plan of care.

The care we provide focuses around the needs of the family and is based in a culture of respect, reassurance, and a commitment to education that will support decision making and choices. Care is delivered to exceed the expectations of those it serves. Care is of the highest quality and is provided by a team of caregivers who believe in the utilization and collaboration of all healthcare professionals.

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