The Work-Related Injury Management Program at The Occupational Health Center (OHC) provides a cost-effective means for client companies to treat, track, and control work-related injuries and/or illnesses. Workers' Compensation presents complex challenges for employers. The OHC is committed to helping employers meet these challenges, and we are dedicated to a philosophy of delivering high quality medical care to employees and returning them to work as soon as is medically appropriate.

If your employee is injured, the OHC will see that individual. No appointment is necessary. However, we do require your company's approval, either verbally or through written authorization, before we can treat any employee. Employees without appointments will be seen at the first available appointment time, unless the severity of their injury requires them to be seen ahead of other scheduled patients. Life-threatening emergencies and off-shift injuries/illnesses should go directly to The Chester County Hospital's Emergency Department. The OHC will follow-up the next business day.

The OHC tracks an ill or injured employee, according to the employer's instructions, until the employee returns to full duty and/or the case has been resolved. The OHC works closely with physical therapy and physician-specialty referral networks to access the best possible support for early and appropriate return to work.

Keeping Employers Informed

The OHC has several ways of communicating with employers about their employees' treatment.

  • If an employee is going to be restricted in any way from full duty or if there is a change in previously imposed restrictions, the OHC examiner will call the designated contact person at the company and discuss the case.
  • For all visits, the OHC sends a copy of treatment form to the employer. This form indicates what evaluations were done and what treatments were rendered, and also includes any restrictions the employee must follow in terms of physical activity, if applicable. The employer can use this information to develop a modified duty plan for the injured employee.
  • In addition, the State of Pennsylvania mandates that medical providers submit a Medical Report Form to the employer within 10 days of initiating treatment and at least every 30 days thereafter, while the person is in treatment. The OHC mails this form to employers within the appropriate timeframe, generally after each visit. If a company's own Return to Work form is required, we submit that also.

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