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Advances in technology, anesthesia, and pain control have made it possible for children to undergo less invasive surgical procedures on an outpatient basis, without spending even one night in the hospital.

The Pediatric Day Surgery Program at Chester County Hospital provides advanced outpatient surgical procedures performed by specially trained doctors and nurses utilizing techniques and equipment specifically designed to meet the special needs of children.

Pre-Admission Testing
Some doctors request that a blood test be performed before the day of surgery. Depending upon the type of insurance you have, the Hospital's Pre-Admission Testing Department can complete the test. Some insurance companies require that only certain laboratories perform the tests. Please contact your primary care physician to determine which tests are covered by your insurance carrier. If the test is performed at the Hospital without checking with your primary care physician first, your insurance may refuse to pay for it.

Prior to Surgery
The day before surgery, you will need to call the Ambulatory Care Center between the hours of 1:30 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. At that time, the registration clerk will inform you of the time you are expected to arrive at the Hospital. Please contact the Ambulatory Care Center at 610.431.5138.

The Day of the Surgery
On the day of surgery, please limit the number of family members accompanying your child to the Pediatric Unit to two adults. A pediatric staff member will greet you and help you to a room. Following verification of your child's information, the staff member will apply a name bracelet and check your child's pulse, blood pressure, and temperature. Your child will then be helped into Hospital pajamas. You will have an opportunity to talk with an anesthesiologist either during pre-Admission testing or on the day of the surgery.

A transporter will arrive at the inpatient Pediatrics Unit to accompany your child to the Operating Room. You are welcome to go with them. Children may bring a special small toy or stuffed animal. There is a family lounge near the Operating Room, where you are encouraged to wait during surgery. The surgeon will talk to you shortly after the surgery is completed.

After Surgery
After about one hour in the recovery room, your child will return to the Pediatric Unit, and will be discharged from the Hospital following a short recovery period. A nurse will instruct you on how to care for your child after you go home. If you have any questions or concerns, your surgeon's office will be able to assist you.

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