The Wellness Program at Chester County Hospital in West Chester, PA was formed in 1996 as a strategic initiative to expand our preventive health services for the residents of Chester County, PA and the surrounding communities of Philadelphia's western suburbs. This is an important component of Chester County Hospital's Mission and Vision Statements: "to develop and implement programs and services which will enhance the health status of the community."

The Wellness Program is headed by a Director who manages, leads, and coordinates the activities of several departments and program areas involved in health promotion, disease management, and rehabilitation. We are pleased to offer a comprehensive selection of educational classes, activities and special events to help the residents of Chester County, PA enjoy healthier, happier lives.

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Chester County Hospital is pleased to offer a variety of classes and program to help the residents of our community stay up-to-date on what they can do to reduce their risk for developing cancer, as well as the latest strategies and techniques for treating and managing cancer.

Heart and Vascular Health

Chester County Hospital provides provides a large selection of programs geared toward keeping you and your heart healthy.

Childbirth Education

Chester County Hospital offers a wide variety of classes to help prepare mothers, fathers and the entire family in welcoming a newborn baby.

CPR and Safety

Chester County Hospital offers ongoing Hands-Only CPR classes and provides a connection to other local safety, first aid and CPR courses.

Diabetes Management

The Diabetes Self-Management Program is accredited by the American Association of Diabetes Educators and includes several classes designed to teach you how to manage and control your diabetes and its symptoms.

Mental Health and Addiction

Throughout the year, Chester County Hospital hosts a several special health-related events for the community on a wide variety of topics.

Nutrition and Weight Control

Whether you have a chronic health condition, want to lose weight or just want to eat better for your own personal and physical well-being, our weight management and nutrition program to help you reach your goals.


Check out our selection of orthopaedic classes and sessions aimed at getting you back to your normal pace of life as quickly as medically possible.


At Chester County Hospital we understand the special health and wellness needs of our senior citizens. We offer a wide array of programs and community-based resources that are designed to help keep our seniors healthy, vibrant and independent.

Smoking Cessation

Stop Smoking Now! is a seven-week cessation program designed to help you kick the habit and become a nonsmoker.

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