Patients, caregivers, and family members may benefit from a conversation with a chaplain or faith leader when:

  • Worried about the effects of their health on their lifestyle and relationships
  • Wanting to talk through difficult decisions with a neutral and attentive listener
  • Wondering about spiritual or religious concerns or questions
  • Wishing to receive religious sacraments but do not have access to their clergy 
  • Struggling with meaning during an illness or life change
  • Grieving over a loss, recent or years ago
  • Thankful for results and positive outcomes
  • Wanting to pray with someone or talk about God 

Contact Us:

When struggling with illness, one may feel more of a religious or spiritual impulse than under normal circumstances. Compassionate listening and prayer is available to you while you are in the hospital. Anyone, not only those who identify as religious or spiritual, can call for a chaplain's support, and they will listen with compassion as you talk through what matters most to you. If you or a loved one would like to see a chaplain or have help contacting a support person from your religious denomination, please ask a care team member to text the chaplain or call:

  • Spiritual Support Voicemail: 610-431-2911
  • Chaplain's Office: 610-431-5637


More About Spiritual Support:

  • Frequently Asked Questions regarding Spiritual Support at Chester County Hospital.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    General questions for patients and families as well as questions for clergy and faith leaders.

  • Prayers and Words of Comfort

    Inspirational words to help patients and their families find strength for their stay at Chester County Hospital.

  • Helpful Links

    Links to spiritual, grief, mental health, and other resources available on the Web.

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