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The Stroke Program at Chester County Hospital in West Chester, PA.The Stroke Program at Chester County Hospital is a Joint Commission-Certified Primary Stroke Center and is recognized nationally for its exceptional stroke care. 

The Chester County Hospital stroke program treats all types of stroke and other diseases affecting the blood vessels in the brain. Our physicians evaluate, diagnose, and treat stroke. As part of Penn Medicine, Chester County Hospital is able to facilitate access to expert tertiary stroke care services to our community members. 

A stroke occurs when there is an interruption of blood supply to the brain. As a result, nerve cells in the affected area of the brain are deprived of oxygen and die rapidly. When nerve cells die, the areas of the body controlled by these cells are unable to function.  

A stroke is an emergency and receiving immediate urgent care is critical to minimizing brain damage and preventing disability. 

If you think you or someone you know may be having a stroke, it is critical to receive IMMEDIATE CARE. You should call 911 right away!



The Stroke Program at Chester County Hospital
701 East Marshall Street
West Chester, PA 19380

Melissa Spahr BSN, RN - Stroke Certified Nurse


More About The Stroke Program at Chester County Hospital

Achievements and Awards

The Stroke Program at Chester County Hospital has been recognized for excellence by its peers, the media and many of the nation's leading healthcare organizations.

Responding to a Stroke

When someone is having a stroke, seconds count. Don't delay...learn to spot the symptoms of stroke and know exactly what to do when you or someone else may be having a stroke.

Wellness Programs

Chester County Hospital's Community Wellness and Education Department offers a variety of stroke-related classes, health screenings and presentations.

Stroke News and Articles

Check out the latest news from the Stroke Program at Chester County Hospital as well as useful stroke resources.

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