Chester County Hospital Patient InformationAt Chester County Hospital, we are committed to making your patient experience with us as safe, successful and pleasant as possible for you and your family. Below, find important information about your stay at Chester County Hospital:

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Managing Your Health: Before, During and After Hospitalization

Chester County Hospital is committed to providing resources that help our community take an active role in managing their health. This information is being provided as an aid to patients and families as they transition throughout their health care journey.

Admitting Procedures

Important information pertaining to your arrival at and admission to Chester County Hospital.

Preparing For Your Stay

Important things to be aware of before your stay at Chester County Hospital.

Your Care

Important things to know about your health care team and course of treatment at Chester County Hospital

Your Convenience

Chester County Hospital is pleased to offer a variety of convenient services to make your patient experience more pleasant.

Your Safety

At Chester County Hospital, we have many processes in place to ensure the delivery of safe, top quality care to our patients.

Patient Rights

A summary of patient rights and hospital responsibilities while you or a loved one are under care at Chester County Hospital.

Your Discharge

What you need to know and do AFTER you complete your stay at Chester County Hospital.

Living Wills (Advance Directives)

Important legal information to consider in the event that you are no longer healthy enough to make decisions after you have been hospitalized.

Billing Procedures

Details about how you are billed for your stay at Chester County Hospital and how to pay your bill.

Complaint Procedure

Instructions in case you need to express an immediate concern or complaint regarding your care during your hospital stay.

Clergy and Spiritual Support

What you need to know in case you or your loved one requires spiritual care and support during your stay at Chester County Hospital.

Health Insurance Plans Accepted

A full list of insurers with whom Chester County Hospital participates.

HIPAA Information

The Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is federal legislation which has created a national standard for protecting the privacy of YOUR private health information.

Interpreters and Communication Aids

Chester County Hospital has a variety of services to accommodate the visual and hearing impaired, as well as the non-English speaking patient.

Meal Planning

Your physician, along with a registered dietitian, will assess your nutritional status and plan your diet to meet your special needs while hospitalized and after your discharge.

Patient Medication List

It is important that Chester County Hospital has a complete list of any medications you are taking.

Pain Management

Your health care team can provide a variety of safe options to relieve, manage and prevent any pain associated with your treatment at Chester County Hospital.

Visiting the Critical Care Unit (CCU)

The Critical Care Unit (CCU) has a stricter set of rules and regulations for patient visitations than does the rest of the hospital. Read more.

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