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A representative from Chester County Hospital Public Relations (PR) is available to answer questions about the hospital, to locate a health care expert, or to provide more information about an upcoming program. If you have questions or if you are pursuing a story idea, please contact us first to help facilitate the interview process. We will do our best to help.

  • Public Relations Office: 610-738-2793
  • Breaking News: 610-431-5000 (This is the hospital's main phone number. Ask the operator to contact the PR representative on call.)

All members of the media, including reporters and photographers, must be accompanied by a member of the PR department or by a hospital staff member designated by Public Relations when conducting interviews or taking photos on the Chester County Hospital campus or at any of its satellite facilities.

A Groundbreaking Device is Sparing Breast Cancer Patients from Unnecessary Radiation

Learn about Elekta’s Active Breathing Coordinator (ABC), an innovative, noninvasive device that enables breast cancer patients to undergo radiation treatment with greater precision and less risk of exposure to other tissues or organs.

Featured Patient Success Story

Slauch 570 John's Story John is the Chief of Police for the Borough of Oxford. Pain in his hip created a major physical challenge in his role as a law enforcement officer. Until he received a total hip replacement at Chester County Hospital which got him moving and pain free again. Read and Hear John's Story
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