LaskosThe Lasko Family (pictured from left): Dan Lasko, Bill and Janet Lasko, Vivian and Oscar Lasko, Gail Hoffman, Rebecca Hoffman, Joshua Hoffman, and Jaye Lasko.
Photo by Sarah Bones

Published: Synapse 2013, Vol. 3

Chester County Hospital is pleased to announce that it is the beneficiary of the Lasko Family's remarkable generosity.

Because of their significant contribution to the hospital's Capital Campaign, the Lasko Family will now have a permanent and lasting legacy in our community. With gratitude, we have named our new expansion, in their honor, to be known as the Lasko Tower.

The Laskos have been loyal supporters of Chester County Hospital for many years. Mr. Lasko's history with the hospital includes a period of time when he served on the hospital Board of Directors and the Finance Committee.

Kevin Holleran, a board member for The Chester County Hospital Foundation, says, "Clearly, philanthropy is something the Lasko Family does with great care and thoughtfulness."

Kevin O'Brien, Senior Vice President for Development, says, "Chester County Hospital is the grateful beneficiary of the Lasko Family's extraordinary generosity. They have repeatedly stepped forward to offer philanthropic support to serve the hospital and our community."

CCH PennMedPhoto by Don Pearse

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