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Corporate Marketing and Public Relations Department
Chester County Hospital
606 East Marshall Street, Suite 203
West Chester, PA 19380

Muhammad Raza, MD, FACC

Dr. Amanulla Khaji, MD

(WEST CHESTER, PA)Dr. Amanulla Khaji, MD and the Electrophysiology team at Chester County Hospital have recently implanted the hospital's first Medtronic MICRA AV Leadless Pacemaker.

Medtronic’s MICRA AV is the next step in the industry’s race to develop a completely leadless dual chamber pacemaker. MICRA AV has internal sensing algorithms that detect atrial contractions and adjust pacing in the ventricle to coordinate with the atrium in patients with AV Block. Key to the success of leadless pacing technology is the demonstrated 63% reduction in major complications compared to regular pacemakers. Scars, infection, pocket erosion, venous thromboembolism or obstruction, and tricuspid regurgitation are reduced or eliminated because there is no open surgical wound and no pacemaker leads.

The Electrophysiology team is relentlessly dedicated to developing Chester County Hospital into a regional center of excellence for Heart Rhythm Management. Their ability to provide the industry’s latest technology and treatment techniques along with Chester County Hospital’s hallmark individualized, quality care, allows our community members to stay right here in Chester County for cutting edge Heart Rhythm Management.


First Medtronic MICRA AV Leadless Pacemaker at Chester County Hospital in West Chester, PA
(Pictured Left to Right: Dave Hartman, Medtronic Principle Sales Representative; Vivian Nguyen; Dr. Amanulla Khaji;
Dell Vannicolo; Kerry Strickland; Sharon Gilsky; Lauren Waronker; Amanda Lloyd.  
Missing from the picture: Monica Pammer; Laura Dennin; Kerwin Barden.)




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