Please feel free to contact these members of the Chester County Hospital Foundation staff if you have a question and we will do our best to assist you.

Kevin O'Brien, Senior Vice President, Development
Kevin.O' | 610.431.5042

Carol Androwick, Executive Assistant to Kevin O'Brien | 610.431.5108

Susan Kelly, Vice President, Development | 610.431.5433

Maggie Marsden, Executive Assistant to Susan Kelly | 610.431.5608

Lara Connolly, Director, Advancement Services | 610.431.5366

Karen DeStefano, Director, Individual Giving | 610.431.5110

Thomas Gavin, Director, Development | 610.431.5329

Ashley Kopp, Director, Annual Giving and Donor Relations | 610.431.5266

Maggie McIntosh, Director, Special Projects | 610.431.5313

Kimberly Pierce, Manager, Development | 610.431.5642

Kate Pergolini, Coordinator, Development | 610.431.5054

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