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ABRET LogoAn Electroencephalogram (or EEG) is a test that records the electrical waves of the brain. It is a safe, easy, and painless test that takes approximately one hour at the hospital's Neurodiagnostric Laboratory. Electrodes are pasted to the scalp and the waves from your brain are recorded while you lay comfortably on a bed.

Before an EEG

A physician's prescription is required before scheduling an EEG. It is requested that you have clean, dry hair for testing. This allows the electrodes to stay in place and provide a proper recording. You should continue to take your normal medications unless otherwise indicated by your physician. Eating prior to the test is recommended to help stabilize your blood sugar levels. In certain instances, you may be asked to adjust your sleeping schedule and avoid consuming products with caffeine (tea, coffee, and cola) to enable you to sleep during the test.

During an EEG

The technologist will obtain a history from you, including current medications, and then apply the electrodes. During the test, you may be asked to hyperventilate (fast, heavy breathing), sleep, and/or watch a flashing light (photic stimulation). These are all normal procedures done to better evaluate your EEG. Your cooperation is essential. The technologist will ask you to relax, avoid unnecessary movements, and refrain from speaking unless needed. After the test, the electrodes will be removed and the water soluble paste will be cleaned from your hair. If you have any questions, feel free to ask before or after the test.

After an EEG

A neurologist specially trained in reading EEGs will interpret the test. The technologist performing the test is not permitted to provide results to the patient during the procedure. The neurologist will review your test and dictate a report that contains the results of your EEG. The physician that ordered the test will receive the report and discuss the results with you.


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