The Orthopaedic Program at Chester County Hospital provides patients easy access to high-quality services that focus on getting you back to your normal activity level. Orthopaedic patients at Chester County Hospital have benefited from technological advances and improved pharmaceuticals that significantly decrease recovery periods. We are committed to offering our patients both surgical and non-surgical treatment options for their orthopaedic problems.

When surgery is needed to restore lost function because of injury or disease, patients can feel confident they are in capable hands at Chester County Hospital -- with a highly experienced operating room staff, compassionate orthopaedic nurses, physicians, and physical and occupational therapists on our Surgical Care Unit.

Meet Sean Ralph: Anterior Hip Replacement

Staying In The Game.

"As my arthritis pain got worse, I knew I would need a hip replacement. Chester County Hospital came highly recommended, and while it's pretty far from where I live, the distance didn't hold me back. My anterior hip replacement was less invasive and exceeded my expectations. My care team got me back to my youth team and in motion faster than I ever imagined. Less pain, faster recovery? That's what I call a win-win."

More Patient Experiences

Meet Gerry Ruffenach: Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Helping You Get Back to Pain-Free Lifestyle.

"I had always been an athlete, surfing, kayaking, you name it. Then, I was stricken by shoulder pain, and it seemed like nobody could get me back on track. That is, until I went to Chester County Hospital for shoulder replacement. Thanks to my orthopaedic surgeon, the nursing team and convenient on-site rehab, I moved beyond the pain. Now, I’m making waves again."

Meet Chief John Slauch: Knee Replacement

New Knees and Pain Free.

"As Oxford's Chief of Police, I pushed my body for years. With arhtritis in nearly every jont, I couldn't stand, walk or drive for long periods -- much less enjoy hiking and camping. I knew I needed a knee replacment, so I went to Chester County Hospital. There, my orthopaedic surgeon, the nursing team and convenient on-site rehab helped me get my life back in motion."

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