The department of Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine shares tips to keep you healthy and well.

  • Garden and Lawn Safety

    The coming of warm weather means more time spent working on lawns and gardens -- and more opportunities to hurt yourself. Learn what you can do to minimize your risk for outdoor injuries.

  • Home Safety Checklist

    Risks for injury in the home are real, especially as we age. Review this checklist and make any necessary changes to help ensure safety in your home.

  • Halloween Safety Tips

    Enjoy a fun and safe Halloween with these tips on trick or treating, handing out candy, carving pumpkins and driving on Halloween night.

  • How Hard Should Children Train for Sports?

    Youth sports these days are year round. Often times children focus on one sport and dabble in others for fun or competition. The pressure to succeed continues to grow and can lead young athletes to over train. Learn the signs and symptoms of over training and how to avoid exhaustion.

  • Starting an Exercise Program

    Although many of us start with the best of intentions when beginning an exercise program, the motivation to make exercise a regular part of our life often wanes over time. Here are some tips to establish a routine that works for you.

  • Summer Safety Tips

    As we continue to celebrate the season with fun and relaxing summer trips, the sun and the hot temperatures can be dangerous. By following these steps, you can help to minimize the risks to you and your loved ones this summer season.

  • Safe in the Sun

    Grab your sunscreen, a wide-brimmed hat and a few of these tips before your next trip to the beach.

  • Swimming Safety

    Before you dive in the deep end, check out these tips to keep you safe.

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