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22 years of lighting the way to excellence in cancer care, close to home.

If you're a patient and you need help accessing SHiNE services, please contact your Nurse Navigator, Social Worker or Provider for assistance.


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SHiNE™ is proud to support patients living with cancer in Chester County, PA through funding of the following programs at The Abramson Cancer Center at Chester County Hospital:

Nurse Navigators
When faced with a cancer diagnosis, the challenges of arranging for consultations with surgeons, radiologists and other health care professionals can be overwhelming. Navigating through the medical world and insurance requirements is equally demanding. Nurse Navigators will help patients schedule medical appointments and identify any issues with insurance coverage. Assistance obtaining other services, such as transportation, nutritional counseling, and psychological support, will also be provided. Donate Now! >>

Patients occasionally need transportation to and from one of the operating entities of Chester County Hospital. Transportation is provided to ensure patients receive treatment in a timely manner, which is critical to well-being. Donate Now! >>

The Wig Program
Patients report that when they look like themselves, they feel like themselves. Patients receive a personalized consultation to select a wig which reflects their beauty. Donate Now! >>

Emotional Support
Participation in support groups is encouraged to discuss common sources of stress when facing cancer. Explore strategies that support optimal coping and practice relaxation techniques designed to relax and replenish. Individuals who participate report that they feel supported and recentered. Donate Now! >>

Fitness Membership
Receive a 60-day fitness membership at a participating gym. The membership includes personal training assistance from an oncology certified trainer. Donate Now! >>

Therapeutic Massage
Receive a complimentary massage with an oncology certified therapist. Massage has been clinically proven to aid in pain management and stress reduction. Donate Now! >>

Reimbursement for Anti-Nausea Medication
For some patients, anti-nausea drugs are not covered under insurance plans or carry a high dollar co-insurance. The physical and emotional health of patients battling the negative effects of chemotherapy without the benefit of anti-nausea medicine is compromised. Our goal is to assist these patients so that their quality of life can be maintained while going through chemotherapy treatments. Patients will need to pre-qualify for any subsidy. Donate Now! >>

SHiNE is pleased to offer these services to the people of Chester County, PA so that the heart of our mission statement is provide support to the individual so that his or her strength, courage and heart will continue to SHINE.

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