The Abramson Cancer Center at Chester County Hospital

For 125 years, patients living with cancer and their families have trusted Chester County Hospital. Now, as part of Penn Medicine’s Abramson Cancer Center – a recognized leader in cancer treatment and research – our patients have access to the highest level of care, within minutes of their homes.

Demand for Services

Within the next two decades, the number of new cancer cases is expected to increase by 70%, with more than 22 million people living with the disease. However, with the right medical tools and care teams, more people than ever before are surviving cancer.

The Abramson Cancer Center at Chester County Hospital managed over 33,200 patient visits during the 2015 fiscal year, and more than 5,300 of those visits were patients in need of chemotherapy infusion. Following the National Cancer Institute projected trends, we expect overall patient visits to rise to more than 56,400 annually in the coming decades.

Current demand for care, coupled with the expected increase of new patients – along with ever-improving research and clinical trials that improve survival rates and increases the number of patients who can be helped – are all factors that place a strain on current and forecasted resources.

Proposed Renovations

Planned renovations for the Abramson Cancer Center at Chester County Hospital will provide the necessary space and investment to ensure each patient continues to receive the best possible care, in a timely manner, close to home. Expansion plans will approach the fight against cancer with compassionate care while bringing more cancer screenings, clinical trials, and other high quality care opportunities to our community.

To provide optimal cancer care for the Chester County community – today and into the future – we ask for your partnership, as we plan a major expansion and renovation at the 440 East Marshall Street Medical Office Building, and make the commitment to invest in further research, care advances, and innovation. Philanthropic support of the Abramson Cancer Center at Chester County Hospital will:

  • Almost double the available exam space to 25 rooms, which will ease wait times.
  • Construct 24 bays within the infusion suite, giving patients the privacy they deserve while receiving treatment
  • Provide a centralized pharmacy for personalized infusion therapy, for both inpatient and outpatient use
  • Add nutrition and beverage stations in the infusion suite for patients and their caregivers during treatments
  • Re-design the phlebotomy lab, allowing for the most advanced technologies and equipment
  • Create additional working and meeting space for all care providers including physicians, nurses, nurse navigators and social workers
  • Provide office space and equipment for our research nurses and staff located close to our patients

Your Support Matters

The Chester County Hospital Foundation depends on the generosity and partnership of donors to ensure optimal health and well-being of the community. Your financial support will chart the course for growth and enable expansion of the Abramson Cancer Center at Chester County Hospital.

Several naming opportunities for the Abramson Cancer Center at Chester County Hospital exist.

If you would like more information about participating in the Capital Campaign, call 610.431.5108.
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