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Nancy Robinson

If you see Nancy Robinson and her friend, Georgine Enoch, walking up your driveway, don't be nervous - all they want is to ask you to open your home for the oldest house tour in America. Despite that daunting proposition, few say no after warming up to the charms of these ladies. For the past 10 years, Nancy and Georgine have been responsible for recruiting homeowners for Chester County Day, a task that Nancy has enjoyed, but is ready to pass along to the next generation of ladies after this year. Thankfully, Nancy will continue to be an advisor to the new members of the House Committee and the knowledge gained from her years of experience will be passed along.

Nancy's connection with Chester County Hospital in West Chester, PA goes far beyond her involvement with Chester County Day. She volunteered in the Hospital snack shop as a young lady and her two children and three grandchildren were all born here. "Chester County Hospital is a very important part of our community and we are fortunate to have such a wonderful facility," Nancy says. Her care and affection for the Hospital imbue her volunteerism with a spirit and energy that inspires those who know her. She has been a member of the Women's Auxiliary for many years and served on the Women's Auxiliary Board for 10 years, including a two-year term as President. The dedicated Auxilians, whose membership numbers over 400, organize many fundraisers throughout the year and annually contribute over a half million dollars to The Chester County Hospital Foundation. It is a group that Nancy is proud to be a member of, saying, "It has always been a pleasant and positive experience. It makes me feel good to be a part of the Chester County Hospital family."

Last fall, Nancy and her husband, Ted, decided to help the Hospital in a new way. After reading an article about charitable gift annuities in a newsletter published by the Hospital's Foundation, Ted proposed establishing a gift annuity with the Foundation. Nancy was particularly touched it was Ted's idea. "He has always been so supportive of my work at Chester County Hospital; I was so pleased he wanted to do this," says Nancy.

Now that her time in a leadership role with Chester County Day is nearing an end, Nancy is going to enjoy some well-deserved free time before deciding on her next Women's Auxiliary project. Although, with her many other interests, Nancy laughs at the idea, "Free time - what is that?"

By Matthew Schwab

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