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Penn Heart and Vascular at Chester County Hospital offers residents of Chester County, PA the advanced technologies of a regional cardiovascular center paired with the concern and responsiveness of a community hospital. We offer advanced care for a full spectrum of heart and vascular conditions, including arrhythmia, cardiomyopathy, coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, heart disease, hypertension, vascular disease, and more with seamless access to the renowned expertise of the region's best clinicians, researchers and educators.

Heart Patient Stories

Check out the stories below to see and hear the positive experiences of real Chester County Hospital Heart and Vascular patients!

Meet Hillard Silman: Aortic Valve Repair Patient

My Life, In Gear and Feeling Great!!


"I used to be a very active bicyclist. I'd do 100-mile rides. Ever since I was diagnosed with congenital heart disease, even the lightest exercise felt like an uphill battle. I knew I needed surgery to repair my aortic valve, and after meeting with my team at the Heart Valve Center at Chester County Hospital, I didn’t want to go anywhere else. From surgery to recovery and rehab, my entire experience was top notch, and my road to recovery was faster than I ever expected. I was absolutely amazed at the amount of energy that I had again."

Meet Winer Emerand: Cardiomyopathy Patient; Grandfather

Advanced Heart Care. No condition is considered too "high risk".

"When my high blood pressure turned into something more complex, my Chester County Hospital cardiologist referred me to an expert in my specific condition at Penn, the region's #1 heart program. After being successfully treated downtown, I do all of my follow up back close to home. With access to Penn Medicine here in Chester County, I never have to settle. Now chasing after my grandson is the only thing that makes my heart skip a beat. My life is worth Penn Medicine, isn't yours?"

Meet Albert Porta: TAVR Patient; 92 Years Old!

Feel Good as New. Our Team Never Settles; Neither Should You!

"When everyday activities left me short of breath, I turned to the hospital I've trusted for 50 years. My cardiologist diagnosed my valve condition and recommend TAVR - a minimally invasive valve replacement. I had surgery with Penn's #1 team downtown, and follow-up and recovery right here at home. I didn't settle for being too old to feel 'good as new.' My life is worth Penn Medicine, isn't yours?"

Meet Daniel Merritt: Loop Recorder Surgical Implant Patient

Atrial Fibrillation, Stroke and New Technologies!

Dan Merritt, Loop Recorder Surgical Implant Patient at Chester County Hospital in West Chester, PA. 

After experiencing chest pains and three strokes without explanation, Daniel Merritt's cardiologist, Dr. Raghuram Mallya, recommended he have a loop recorder device inserted into his chest for a few months to gain a better understanding of what might be causing his mysterious health problems.

Meet Sue Davis: Therapeutic Hypothermia Patient

Chain of Survival

Sue Davis, Therapeutic Hypothermia Patient at Chester County Hospital in West Chester, PA. 

School nurse, Sue Davis, credits the therapeutic hypothermia treatment she received at Chester County Hospital - as well as her husband Larry's quick thinking - with her full recovery after her cardiac arrest in February 2011.

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