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Food and Drink
When clear liquids are allowed, you may also have Jello without fruit or solid substances. If you have diabetes, you may contact your doctor or the Radiology Scheduling Desk so we can schedule your study around your diet or insulin regimen. If you are on a no food, no drink preparation, you may brush your teeth before the study.

If you have questions about the medications you are currently taking in regard to the preparation instructions, please contact your physician, or the Radiology Nurse at 610.431.5132 or 610.431.5130.

For non-emergency, routine tests, results will be forwarded to your physician within a few days. Results for urgent tests will be communicated to your physician shortly after the test is completed. Please keep in mind that our technologists are not permitted to tell you the results. You must contact your physician.

Arrival Time
Please arrive approximately 15 minutes before the study.

If you are allergic to food or medications, and you are having a study that requires an injection of contrast material (X-ray dye), contact your physician's office. Premedication may be necessary for your exam. Also inform the technologist who is performing the procedure.

It is best to wear clothing without buttons, zippers, or snaps. Some patients find wearing loose fitting sweat shirts and pants easiest.

Concern About Radiation
Although the amount of radiation you will receive during your study is well within federal and state standards, if there is a possibility that you are pregnant, tell the Radiology Scheduling Desk and the technologist before the study begins.

Referral and Billing Information
Depending on your insurance plan, a doctor's prescription and/or referral form must be presented before your test is performed. If you are unsure which forms are necessary, contact your insurance company or your physician's office. Please keep in mind that we may need to reschedule your test if the proper paperwork is not available when registering.

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