Penn Medicine Experience Week: ICARE to BE ACCOUNTABLE



Penn Medicine Experience Week: ICARE to BE ACCOUNTABLE

Collectively, we at Chester County Hospital are responsible for creating the environment in which we can consistently meet our patients' expectations. Our ICARE to BE Performance Standards work in harmony to achieve this goal and they also help keep us accountable for our behavior and actions.

To be accountable, each of us must:

  • Take responsibility for our strengths and weaknesses
  • Be able to explain our actions when needed and be open to feedback
  • Always promote excellence when performing our job duties

One example of accountability can be found in a recent Emergency Department visit. Robin Hoffman, Radiology Technologist, was called to provide a portable X-Ray on an eight-week old patient. The imaging was needed quickly to confirm the child’s diagnosis of bacterial meningitis.

Robin and her colleagues worked carefully to gently place the imaging plate under the baby and a lead shield across her abdomen while supporting her head. The portable X-ray machine was placed over the top of the patient to get the image.

By Robin taking accountability for her role, responsibility for her strengths, and promoting excellence while performing her job duties, the baby was stabilized and transported to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia expeditiously.

Robin, like each of us, is an integral part of a medical ensemble working together to provide excellent and comprehensive care. Being accountable to our patients, their families, our community, our colleagues, and ourselves is crucial to maintain the trust we have in one another and the trust the community has in us. While this can be a daunting task, we are not in this alone. In our individual and shared accountabilities, we can confidently count on each other, every day..

About Penn Medicine Experience Week:

Chester County Hospital joins all the hospitals of Penn Medicine in celebrating Penn Medicine Experience Week: October 15-20, 2018. This week we're celebrating all roles across the health system that impact the lives of our patients, families and colleagues.

Our dedicated employees are behind every patient experience at Chester County Hospital. That experience begins before a patient decides to make an appointment and continues until a patient leaves our care. Every day, they exemplify our standards: ICARE to BE Compassionate, ICARE to BE Present, ICARE to BE Empowered, ICARE to BE Collaborative, and ICARE to BE Accountable. All week, we will spotlight some of our staff members' outstanding efforts and commitment to provide the residents of Chester County, PA with a superior healthcare experience.

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