Penn Medicine Experience Week: ICARE to BE COLLABORATIVE



Penn Medicine Experience Week: ICARE to BE COLLABORATIVE

Being collaborative is a critical foundation for the future of Chester County Hospital. The exchange of ideas and the acceptance of opinions that may differ from our own lead to conversations and dialogues that push us to grow. Collaboration doesn’t require agreement, but it requires an atmosphere of respect and trust. It flourishes when members of a group are comfortable speaking freely and exchanging ideas that ultimately take the group to a solution or an innovation likely better than any one member could have developed individually.

Collaboration is sometimes subtle and quietly felt when a colleague simply asks, "What can I do to help you?" Other times, we witness collaboration in the well-planned coordination of the OR platform or the choreography of the Red Coat Ambassadors escorting patients and visitors from one end of the hospital to the other.

Connie Prentice, Red Coat Ambassador, can be found every Monday through Friday smiling and greeting visitors and patients as they enter Chester County Hospital. She understands that being a patient can unearth powerful emotions and meets fear and anxiety with a kind and loving demeanor. She collaborates with her colleagues daily to solve any patient or visitor concerns that may arise as she escorts guests to their destinations. Connie's dedication to the patient experience has made a positive impression not just on daily operations, but in the lives of so many people in the community.

There are countless examples of how Chester County Hospital employees collaborate to create a positive patient experience every day. The seemingly small interactions that we have with patients and with one another creates the ultimate patient experience.

About Penn Medicine Experience Week:

Chester County Hospital joins all the hospitals of Penn Medicine in celebrating Penn Medicine Experience Week: October 15-20, 2018. This week we're celebrating all roles across the health system that impact the lives of our patients, families and colleagues.

Our dedicated employees are behind every patient experience at Chester County Hospital. That experience begins before a patient decides to make an appointment and continues until a patient leaves our care. Every day, they exemplify our standards: ICARE to BE Compassionate, ICARE to BE Present, ICARE to BE Empowered, ICARE to BE Collaborative, and ICARE to BE Accountable. All week, we will spotlight some of our staff members' outstanding efforts and commitment to provide the residents of Chester County, PA with a superior healthcare experience.

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