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Penn Medicine Experience Week - Compassionate


The definition of compassion is: "showing sympathetic pity and concern for the misfortunes of others." At Chester County Hospital, compassion means so much more -- compassion is built into our DNA. As you walk the halls of the hospital, you can observe it every day from our employees.

Cathy Loring, RN, Telemetry, recently showed great compassion to a patient and family in need of extra support during a particularly heartbreaking time in the family's life.

The terminally ill patient was placed in Cathy's care for a week before being admitted to the inpatient hospice unit, where she passed peacefully. During that week Cathy developed an emotional connection with the patient and her family -- and was in awe of the patient's grace and bravery in the face of her diagnosis. Through the patient's end of life experience, Cathy knew she had to be there for her patient's family. Cathy played 80s music for the patient in her room, she provided emotional support for the patient's mother who physically assisted her daughter with everyday tasks. Even when the patient was transferred out of Cathy's care – she continued to visit her. In Cathy's mind, the connection ran deeper than the boundaries of her job and Cathy felt the need to maintain contact with this family -- offering them support right up until the patient passed.

The patient's family was so grateful for Cathy's compassion that they sent a letter of appreciation, noting that her "kindness, generosity of spirit and her care went above and beyond all expectations."

About Penn Medicine Experience Week:

Chester County Hospital joins all the hospitals of Penn Medicine in celebrating Penn Medicine Experience Week: October 15-20, 2018. This week we're celebrating all roles across the health system that impact the lives of our patients, families and colleagues.

Our dedicated employees are behind every patient experience at Chester County Hospital. That experience begins before a patient decides to make an appointment and continues until a patient leaves our care. Every day, they exemplify our standards: ICARE to BE Compassionate, ICARE to BE Present, ICARE to BE Empowered, ICARE to BE Collaborative, and ICARE to BE Accountable. All week, we will spotlight some of our staff members' outstanding efforts and commitment to provide the residents of Chester County, PA with a superior healthcare experience.

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