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Penn Medicine Experience Week - Present

Being present means affixing your focus, your attention, your thoughts and your feelings on the task at hand. At Chester County Hospital in West Chester, PA, our employees make it a point to truly focus their energy and attention on the task at hand. This is especially important and evident when in the presence of patients and their families, as exemplified by Holland McLaurin, Lead Transporter.

During one patient’s stay at Chester County Hospital, the patient was escorted several times by the hospital's Transport Services team. Holland specifically made an impression on the patient by introducing himself, calling her by her name each time he saw her, and continuously being present and remaining engaged in his interactions with her. This patient wrote that when she was discharged, Holland was sent to escort her out – he left her with a genuine hug and handshake and gave her the "final point of assurance that all would be better in [her] life."

Thanks, Holland, for your superior service and compassion. His story is just one example of the kind of personal attention and engagement you can expect every day from the professionals at Chester County Hospital.

About Penn Medicine Experience Week:

Chester County Hospital joins all the hospitals of Penn Medicine in celebrating Penn Medicine Experience Week: October 15-20, 2018. This week we're celebrating all roles across the health system that impact the lives of our patients, families and colleagues.

Our dedicated employees are behind every patient experience at Chester County Hospital. That experience begins before a patient decides to make an appointment and continues until a patient leaves our care. Every day, they exemplify our standards: ICARE to BE Compassionate, ICARE to BE Present, ICARE to BE Empowered, ICARE to BE Collaborative, and ICARE to BE Accountable. All week, we will spotlight some of our staff members' outstanding efforts and commitment to provide the residents of Chester County, PA with a superior healthcare experience.

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