Chester County Hospital’s physical therapy services have trained therapists that use a variety of methods to treat all of these cancer-related conditions. We offer programs in lymphedema management, strength and conditioning, aquatic therapy, spine therapy, balance and vestibular therapy, hand therapy, neurological rehabilitation, and the return to sport and leisure activities. We customize our programs to meet each patient’s specific needs.

Our Programs Can Help To Manage:

  • Lymphedema/Swelling Problems
  • Fatigue or Deconditioning
  • Muscle Pain or Tightness
  • Decreased Ability to Perform Daily Activities
  • Range of Motion Restrictions
  • Skin Fibrosis
  • Balance or Coordination Problems
  • Neuropathy
  • Return to Sports or Leisure Activities

We recommend that you call your doctor to discuss these issues. You will need a doctor’s prescription to participate in our physical therapy programs.

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