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Your Chester County Hospital Physical Therapist, in coordination with your physician, will evaluate your rehabilitation needs and assess if Aquatic Therapy is appropriate for your care.

For those Chester County, PA residents who may have difficulty exercising on land, Aquatic Therapy is the perfect way to begin to gain strength, endurance, and coordination. Aquatic Therapy decreases weight bearing on joints, facilitates mobility, enhances muscle strengthening, and increases circulation in the arms, legs, and trunk. It also helps in relaxing muscles, decreasing spasms, reducing pain, and improving your overall confidence to move around safer and easier.

Aquatic Therapy provides many therapeutic elements to patients that can not be duplicated on land. The heated water is very comforting and improves circulation. The resistance to movement that water provides helps to address balance, strength, and postural deficits. The buoyancy of water helps patients perform exercises without bearing unnecessary weight on the legs or spine.

The Department of Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine at Chester County Hospital is a leader in Aquatic Therapy. Our Fern Hill location in West Chester, PA has an in-ground pool that has the unique combination of warm salt water (92 degrees), and warm air (89 degrees). Our therapists are hands-on and remain in the pool with patients. We specialize in helping patients with neuro-musculo-skeletal injuries of the spine and extremities, and post surgical conditions, including total joint replacement of the hips, knees, and shoulders. Patients with Arthritis, Lymphedema, walking / balance problems, or movement dysfunction (ie: Parkinson's Disease), will also benefit greatly in this therapy environment. Our unique setting and one-on-one, hands-on approach by our staff help our patients achieve their highest level of function in an enjoyable aquatic setting.

To schedule an appointment or to learn more about the Aquatic Therapy Program, please call 610-738-2480.

A physician's prescription is needed. Most insurances are accepted.


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