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Recent advances in basic and clinical neuroscience research suggest that certain types of exercise may help to slow, halt or reverse the progression of Parkinson's Disease.

Exercise can have a positive effect on the brain. Physical rehabilitation can help to spare, rejuvenate and slow degeneration (neuroprotection) while restoring and compensating for lost function (neuroplasticity).

Chester County Hospital's  Department of Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, in association with Penn Medicine, has developed a progression of specific movements to address both the neuroprotection and the neuroplasticity of the brain. Movements are designed to gradually increase in difficulty, intensity, complexity, and specificity into function as the participant progresses. Paired with practice of everyday living, sports, recreation, exercise and movements are tailored to the individual's capability and progression. The program gradually progresses by adding unpredictability, additional repetitions and longer holds. There are also increases in weights, speed, distance and accuracy of exercises. 

Chester County Hospital clinicians, specially trained in neuromuscular rehabilitation techniques, work in a one-on-one setting to educate, guide and encourage participants and caregivers throughout the program. Participants are also encouraged to incorporate all learned activities into their daily life and involve family and friends to gain further feedback and encouragement at home.

Chester County Hospital's Parkinson's Rehabilitation Program also offers patients in Chester County, PA the option to practice all types of gait and balance activities while being comfortably supported in a safety harness. This allows both the therapist and patient to confidently practice challenging and task-specific activities that can lead to faster progress in therapy. Learn more about balance gait training with a harness support.

If you are interested in taking part in the Parkinson's Rehabilitation Program, please speak with your physician to obtain a referral.


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