After I become a volunteer, what are the requirements of maintaining my active status?
All volunteers must complete an annual safety training and receive annual flu shot.

What is appropriate attire for volunteering?
Professional casual attire is appropriate. Comfortable footwear, such as sneakers are recommended. Closed toe-shoes only. No denim, shorts or sleeveless tank tops are permitted. Artificial nails are not permitted in clinical assignment areas. Volunteers must wear an ID Badge and the issued Volunteer Jacket while on duty. Volunteers Jackets are purchased for $22 at orientation.

Can the Volunteer Office arrange shadowing opportunities?
Volunteer Services does not arrange or schedule shadowing opportunities.

Can I Volunteer for one day or for a short time?
We currently do not offer short term assignments. 

How will I be trained as a volunteer in my area of assignment?
Volunteers attend general orientation and will then be scheduled for on-the-role training by a seasoned volunteer in their assignment area. 

How often do I volunteer?
Volunteers serve 3-4 hours one day a week. 

What are the benefits of volunteering?

  • Volunteers are eligible for discounted tickets to area amusements and activities.
  • Valet parking is available for hospital volunteers. There is convenient parking at satellite facilities. 
  • Free meal pass at Chester County Hospital.
  • Invitation to annual volunteer recognition luncheon.
  • Invitations to attend fun-filled hospital events, such as: annual picnic luncheon and other celebrations.

What is the Smoking Policy?
Chester County Hospital is a tobacco-free environment. Smoking is prohibited on all Penn Medicine properties. 

What type of clearances/vaccinations are required?

  • All volunteers must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. 
  • All volunteers must consent to background check. 
  • All volunteers must receive a Tuberculosis Screen and provide a negative result prior to orientation.
  • All Volunteers receive annual flu shot.
  • All volunteers must provide two letters of reference. 
  • Flu shot and TB Screenings are free to volunteers through our Occupational Health Department.

If I volunteer at Chester County Hospital, will I have a better chance of getting a job in the Penn Medicine System? 
Volunteering is a great way to enhance your resume and to directly impact healthcare in your community. However, volunteering does not increase the likelihood of obtaining a paid position. If you are seeking employment, please visit our career site

How long does the process take to become a volunteer?
Becoming a volunteer takes approximately 3-4 weeks depending on the completion of health compliances, review of initial paperwork, background check and waiting for TB Screen results, scheduling orientation.  

I submitted my application, but I had some schedule changes. How long can you keep my application on file?
Applications will be filed for 90 days. 

I am a High School Student. Can I volunteer?
We offer two Volunteen programs for students under the age of 18. A year-round Weekend Volunteen Program and our 8-week Summer Student Program. Applications for both programs can be submitted on a rolling basis and are reviewed in February, interviews for new students are held in April. Orientation for new class held in May.  We do not place students in assignment areas under the age of 18. Student programs are competitive and there is a waitlist. 

How can I contact the Volunteer Services Department?
Please call to make an appointment so we can best assist you. We are generally open Monday-Friday 9:00am-3:00pm. 

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