Penn Medicine Experience Week: ICARE to BE EMPOWERED



Penn Medicine Experience Week - Empowered

Feeling and being empowered at your job leads to greater professional satisfaction and nurtures innovative ideas that push Chester County Hospital forward. While empowerment can come from within, working together, trusting and respecting each other and learning from one another can also make us feel empowered. 

That philosophy empowers Edward Ma, MD, Hospitalist at Chester County Hospital, to go beyond the call of duty in order to provide for his patients. 

Recently, one of our patients was unable to pick up his prescription due to personal reasons so Dr. Ma made the trip to the Pharmacy for the patient, ensuring he got the care he needed, and the patient experience he deserved. Dr. Ma's multidisciplinary team has noticed his example, and credits his leadership and support for empowering each of them to make strong clinical decisions that will best benefit their patients.

To foster an environment of empowerment, have confidence in your ability to do the right thing, for the right reasons; fearlessly and respectfully advocate for your patients, their families, your coworkers and yourself; and trust and respect your own capabilities, and the capabilities of those around you.

As empowered members of the Penn Medicine team, we are the difference-makers for those we encounter and serve in our daily work.

About Penn Medicine Experience Week:

Chester County Hospital joins all the hospitals of Penn Medicine in celebrating Penn Medicine Experience Week: October 15-20, 2018. This week we're celebrating all roles across the health system that impact the lives of our patients, families and colleagues.

Our dedicated employees are behind every patient experience at Chester County Hospital. That experience begins before a patient decides to make an appointment and continues until a patient leaves our care. Every day, they exemplify our standards: ICARE to BE Compassionate, ICARE to BE Present, ICARE to BE Empowered, ICARE to BE Collaborative, and ICARE to BE Accountable. All week, we will spotlight some of our staff members' outstanding efforts and commitment to provide the residents of Chester County, PA with a superior healthcare experience.

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