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Mammography plays a central role in the early detection of breast cancer. Digital mammography is available at all Chester County Hospital radiology locations, providing the latest in high-tech imaging to detect breast cancer at its earliest stages - even before women experience symptoms.

Screening mammograms include two X-rays of each breast and are reviewed by a Penn radiologist. If there is area of concern or if a lump is detected by a patient or their practitioner, a diagnostic mammogram is used to provide further detail. More X-rays are taken from magnified viewpoints and from various angles to provide as much information as possible for the radiologist to make an accurate diagnosis.

Further testing such as a breast ultrasound, breast MRI or image-guided breast biopsy may also be required.

FREE Breast Cancer Screenings are offered by Chester County Hospital in collaboration with Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation according to their rules and regulations.

To schedule your mammogram at a nearby Chester County Hospital location, please call 610-431-5131. 

Urgent Appointments

If you discover a lump, you can request an Accelerated Diagnostic Breast Evaluation at Chester County Hospital within 24 hours of receiving a written prescription from your primary care physician or gynecologist. A prescription is necessary for an urgent diagnostic mammogram.

Breast Care and Coordination

Whether a routine mammogram shows an area of concern or a lump is detected by you or your practitioner, one of our Chester County Hospital Breast Care Coordinators is available to guide you step-by-step through each subsequent phase of diagnostic testing, mammogram or ultrasound. They are available to help answer your questions, facilitate appointments and studies and provide support and education to both our patients and their loved ones.

Breast Cancer Treatment and Consultation

Once a diagnosis of cancer is determined, Chester County Hospital's Breast Care Coordinators assist patients in scheduling an appointment with our Penn Women's Specialty Center. Here, they will meet with one of our breast surgeons to determine the best course of treatment. Options can include surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and hormonal therapy. Our medical oncologists and radiation oncologists on staff work closely with our breast surgeons, Breast Care Coordinator and your primary care physician to collaboratively facilitate your treatment. The full continuum of breast cancer care supports the patient not only through diagnosis and treatment, but continues through recovery, management and ongoing support and education.

Cancer Conference and Breast Conference

Chester County Hospital's multidisciplinary teams meet at both Cancer Conference and Breast Conference to discuss patient cases specific to breast cancer. This enables the physicians coordinating the patient's treatment to gain input from a number of health care professionals representing a variety of specialties. All recommendations relevant to the patient's care are thoroughly evaluated before a treatment plan is created.

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