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When physical therapy or medication does not alleviate joint pain or stiffness, your orthopaedic surgeon may recommend joint replacement surgery at Chester County Hospital to relieve pain and restore mobility.

Joint Replacement: Why Choose Chester County Hospital?

The caring orthopaedics team at Chester County Hospital in West Chester, PA, has completed thousands of joint replacements with excellent outcomes, so you can trust that you are in excellent hands. When you come to Chester County Hospital for a joint replacement, you'll find:

  • Coordinated, compassionate care: You have an entire team of Penn Medicine orthopaedics physicians, nurses, and physical and occupational therapists working together to help you feel better. 
  • Highly skilled orthopaedic surgeons: Our board-certified Penn orthopaedic surgeons have completed advanced fellowships and training in the latest joint replacement techniques. 
  • Modern pain management protocols: Pain management is critical to timely joint replacement recovery. We reduce your pain as much as possible with evidence-based protocols that use minimal or no narcotics. This approach allows you to move soon after surgery and start rehabilitation quickly.
  • World-class care close to home: Chester County Hospital is part of Penn, one of the world's leading academic hospitals. That means our patients have access to the latest research and clinical trials for innovative joint replacement treatments and therapies, right here at home.
  • Comfortable spaces for recovery: You can recover in comfort in our well-equipped, large patient rooms with plenty of space for in-room physical therapy and family visits. 

What Is Joint Replacement?

Joint damage occurs from conditions including arthritis, cancer and injury. It can also result from normal wear and tear. With a joint replacement, your orthopaedic surgeon replaces part or all of your damaged joint with a prosthetic implant. The new surfaces let your joint move more easily and with less pain. We offer three types of joint replacements:

  • Hip Replacement:
    Hip pain can be caused by many conditions, including hip fractures and arthritis. A hip replacement may help when physical therapy or medications don’t alleviate pain and restore joint mobility. Learn more about hip replacement surgery.
  • Knee Replacement:
    Knee pain often results from arthritis, cartilage (connective tissue) defects, or tears to the meniscus (c-shaped piece of cartilage) or a ligament (connective tissue that attaches bone to bone). Our surgeons can restore knee function in a partial or total knee replacement surgery. Learn more about knee replacement surgery. 
  • Shoulder Replacement:
    Swelling, damage or bone changes around the shoulder's rotator cuff can cause shoulder pain. The rotator cuff is a group of tendons and muscles surrounding the shoulder. It connects the upper arm (humerus) to the shoulder blade (scapula). When medication, lifestyle adjustments and physical therapy don’t relieve shoulder pain or stiffness, your doctor may recommend a shoulder replacement. This procedure replaces the damaged parts your shoulder with artificial ones.  

Joint Replacement Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy

Our expert physical and occupational therapists are at your side throughout your joint replacement journey. Physical therapy before and after your joint replacement surgery can help you recover faster and with less pain. Occupational therapy can help you return to completing everyday tasks such as getting in a car, getting in the bathtub and using the toilet.

Chester County Hospital’s physical and occupational therapy programs for joint replacement offer:

Joint Replacement Educational Resources

We offer pre-surgery educational resources to help you feel more comfortable about the joint replacement process. You can watch joint replacement educational videos and participate in live classes to better understand orthopaedic surgery, hospitalization and recovery. 

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