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Chester County is a great place to live and, by many measures, we are a healthy county. However, members of the community began to ask how we could improve the health of our county. Many individuals, agencies, and organizations have worked for decades to promote health in Chester County, and we recognized that coordinating our efforts could make more of an impact on the health of our community.

RoadMAPP to Health is a county-wide collaborative effort to assess the health of our community, identify the specific health issues and health-related social service needs, and develop a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) to address them. Individual organizations and stakeholders do not have the necessary depth of resources to widely improve community health; however, by working together towards common goals, everyone can contribute to making a positive collective impact on health issues in Chester County.

RoadMAPP to Health Goal:

To better serve the people of Chester County by collaborating with organizations that take action, make an impact, and work to improve health and quality of life throughout the county.