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Chester County Hospital understands that in order to make health care accessible to the 3,500 Spanish-speaking residents of Chester County communication between patients and staff needs to be open, clear and comprehensible. The hospital has made the necessary steps to ensure patients are adequately understood and cared for by creating a team of interpreters readily available for patients with limited English proficiency.

The demand for in-house Spanish interpreting at the hospital has grown 92-percent since 2008, so the hospital has been slowly making the transition from the Language Line to Interpreter Services. Where Language Line uses a remote third party to communicate over the phone, Interpreter Services gives patients and staff the ability to communicate face-to-face, allowing personal interaction as well as language and sight translation.

Interpreters are available in-house, off-site and on-call throughout the week for interpretation, translation and education. Interpreters are also able to handle phone calls and help Spanish-speaking patients set appointments over the phone.

Interpreter Services enables the Hospital to better provide for Spanish-speaking patients, and will help to open the lines of communication between the Hospital and the community.

Chester County Hospital has a variety of services to accommodate the visual and hearing impaired as well as the non-English speaking patient. Please ask your nurse for assistance.

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