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safetyChester County Hospital has a variety of services to accommodate the visual and hearing impaired as well as the non-English speaking patient. Please ask your nurse for assistance.

Safe, Quality Care
At Chester County Hospital, we have processes in place to ensure the delivery of safe, top quality care to our patients. To best provide this, we have focused and comprehensive quality improvement and patient safety programs. All of our health care providers participate in initiatives to improve quality and protect patient safety. These activities are an integral part in maintaining low infection rates and superior patient safety rankings. The Patient Safety and Quality Committee is a vehicle to drive performance improvement at the hospital. The committee is charged with improving the care provided to patients and families and works with front-line staff, physicians and managers to improve and maintain the hospital's quality and safety performance.

Safe Patient Handling
Hospital staff will use the safest method to help you move in and out of your bed and to re-position you in bed. We may need to use lift equipment that promotes safety for you as well as our employees.

Patient Safety and Service Rounds
Patient Safety and Service Rounds occur on all inpatient units as part of our commitment to patient safety. Either a nurse or nursing assistant will round hourly to check in on you, to be sure that your needs are addressed throughout the day, evening, and even on the night shift (for example, offering pain relief, or help getting to the washroom). The regularity of these rounds helps to build and cement a trusting patient/caregiver relationship.

External Quality Review
In conjunction with internal quality improvement activities, many external quality review organizations make regular visits to all areas of the hospital to evaluate patient care and safety. Hospital accrediting bodies include the Joint Commission, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Pennsylvania Department of Health. Chester County Hospital has consistently received excellent ratings from the surveys conducted by the regulating agencies.

Rapid Response Team
The Rapid Response Team, similar to a hospital-based 911 service, brings immediate medical care to the side of a patient, visitor or employee who has become suddenly ill or medically unstable while at our hospital. The team is comprised of a nurse practitioner or physician assistant, a house physician, a respiratory therapist, critical care support staff, an EKG technician, lab technician, and a primary care nurse. A separate Rapid Response Team responds for Pediatric calls for patients 18 years and younger.

To call the Rapid Response Team, simply dial 2222 from any hospital phone. Tell the operator the reason for the emergency and help will be on the way.

Hand Hygiene - Be an Advocate of Your Safety
To ensure the safety of our patients, each member of your health care team is directed to cleanse their hands before and after providing care to each patient. If you observe a member of the team providing care without first cleansing their hands, kindly ask that they wash their hands before providing any treatment.

Personnel Dress Code
The professional dress code for the nursing and respiratory departments projects and provides a professional image to our customers and consistent identification of our caregivers. The hospital's goal is to portray an image that instills a sense of confidence, security, safety and one which complies with all infection control and regulatory requirements. The colors of the hospital caregivers scrubs are indicative of their position at the hospital.


Navy Scrubs RNs, LPNs
Gray Scrubs Nursing Assistants, Technicians,
and Monitor Technicians
Brown Scrubs Transporters and Patient Safety Assistants
Light Blue Scrubs Respiratory Therapists
Khaki Scrubs Unit Secretaries and Unit Coordinators
Royal Blue Scrubs Radiology Technical Staff
Olive Green Scrubs Radiology Support Staff
Light Blue Scrubs Laboratory
Raspberry Scrubs Environmental Services (women)
Caribbean Blue Scrubs Linen Services
Gray Shirts
  • Environmental Services (men)
  • Plant Operations
Maroon Shirts Food Services
Khaki Scrub Tops and Navy Blue Bottoms Pharmacy

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