Here is an overview of some of the equipment that can be found in the Critical Care Unit (CCU): 

ICU Equipment at Chester County Hospital 
  1. Chest Tube - A tube inserted into the chest to remove air of fluid.
  2. Foley Catheter - The urine drainage catheter.
  3. Gastric Tube - Used to suction gastric secretions or as a feeding tube.
  4. Endotracheal Tube - A breathing tube inserted through the nose or mouth that is connected to the ventilator.
  5. Monitor - The box that records and displays the vital signs.
  6. PICC Line/CVP Line - A form of IV access that can be used for a prolonged period of time.
  7. Pulse Oximeter - A probe attached to the finger to help monitor the oxygen in the blood.
  8. Ventilator/Respirator - A machine that is used to deliver oxygen to a patient's lungs and assist in the breathing process.
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