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Chester County Hospital's Emergency Department (ED) expanded and is in the process of renovating its existing 26,000 square foot unit throughout 2021 as part of the hospital's history-making expansion project. The ED is a vital asset to the Chester County community and as such, the renovation will occur in stages to ensure patient access and care are not impacted. The ED expansion is opened in March 2020, and is being followed by three phases of renovation to the existing unit.

At the end of construction, the ED will feature:

  • 43 beds, including specialty exam rooms for vulnerable patient populations
  • Enhanced security features to foster a safe care environment for both patients and staff*
  • Large waiting room filled with natural light
  • 3 new triage rooms to expedite patient care
  • Access to vending machines, the hospital's Main Entrance, and the new Bistro, located in the Knauer Family Lobby
  • Rooftop helipad which will allow for rapid transfer of complex cases

*In March 2020, the ED began using enhanced security features. For the safety of our community and staff, the ED will be supervised 24/7 by a security officer. Each individual that enters the ED will be subject to metal detector and x-ray security screening. This process will be seamless and will not impede on care.

Walk-In/Entry Lobby


Emergency Department Waiting Area

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