Nearly 6 years ago, we set out to bring the highest level of health care to our community by joining the region’s #1 health care provider – Penn Medicine. Chester County Hospital’s 250,000 square foot expansion is a testament to that partnership. In this video, we share a sneak peek of what’s to come in January 2020.

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Chester County Hospital Expansion Green Roof Installation

Chester County Hospital's expansion project is green-friendly, with an eye towards achieving LEED Silver certification. The feature that will likely be most appreciated of these measures is the large rooftop garden, shown in the video below. This green space will be in view for many of the new 99 private patient rooms. Penn's Urban Health Lab has found that access to green views is associated with improved general mental health, reduced mental fatigue, and improved coping with stressful situations - making this feature a double benefit to our community.



Learn more about the expansion's LEED Silver Certification:


Chester County Hospital Expansion Terra Cotta Roof Installation

Just as our predecessors did before us, we are installing terra cotta on the roof of the new patient tower, each tile laid and secured by hand.



2-Year Progress Time Lapse:



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